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“We must always think about things, and we must think about things as they are, not as they are said to be.” – George Bernard Shaw, Playwright

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Psychological & Behavioural Investing Pitfalls to Avoid

Psychological & Behavioural Investing Pitfalls to AvoidThere are many well‐documented psychological biases which adversely affect our financial decision‐ making and which we are all occasionally subject to. If you know what they are, you are probably less likely to be adversely affected by them. Whatever you do, do not believe for a moment that you […]

Weighing the Value of Advice

Weighing the Value of AdviceWhen it comes judging an investment manager, it’s not just a question of just looking at their returns. As the saying goes, all boats are lifted in a rising tide.  The world of investment therefore uses the term Alpha to describe what has been achieved above the market.Vanguard, the World’s largest […]

Should you repay a student loan early?

Should you repay a student loan early?A frequent question asked by graduates and parents is whether or not spare capital should be used to repay Student Loans early? The prospect of owing something also became a hot topic for many school leavers deciding on whether to enter a career or attend university.Student Loans for those […]