“Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service”

– Henry Ford

Independent financial advisors helping you make the most of your finances and plan for your future

At Aspen Wealth Management we take the time to understand your finances and your future life goals. We can help you build up your investments, reduce your tax liabilities, plan for your retirement, and help you secure financial freedom. Whether you are just starting your journey into financial planning or have already built up a portfolio and are looking at the best way to maximise your return, we can help. Using investment strategies that are backed by academic research and empirical results our focus is on delivering a personal service that is tailored to your financial goals. And, because our services are fee-based instead of commission based, our interests are aligned with those of our clients instead of with the banks, insurance companies, and other investment companies.

Retirement planning

When can I afford to retire? This is perhaps one of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to retirement planning. At Aspen, we can help you understand your pension and work out what your life will look like in retirement. We can then work with you to help you reach your retirement goals and effectively plan for your future. As well as your pension we’ll also discuss your plans for your retirement and “what if” factors such as elderly care and also providing for your children or loved ones. Whatever your goals in later life, we’ll be happy to help you reach them.

Pension advice

Chances are that if you have worked for more than one employer over the years then you will have at least a couple of different pension pots. Working out the best way to manage your pension can be a difficult job and that’s where Aspen can provide support. Our independent financial advisers can give you guidance on your pension, and help you work out which product is right for you.

Investment advice

Whether you are looking to grow your pension pot, have inherited wealth or are looking at a way to boost your savings, we can help you find the right investment for your circumstances. Using a passive fund management strategy we can help you make smart decisions and guide you on a successful investment experience.

Tax planning

From reducing the tax you pay during your working career to the amount of money that loved ones will inherit, at Aspen we can help you legitimately minimise the tax that you and your family pay. Following a comprehensive financial review, our advisers will be able to recommend available allowances and opportunities to save tax by maximising wrappers such as ISAs to manage your investments.

Annuities and income drawdown

Annuities were once the only real option when it came to paying for your retirement with your pension pot being used to buy an annuity to give you a fixed income. This has now changed with the option for a lump sum drawdown from your pension pot giving you more flexibility to invest the money how you want. We are experts in annuities and flexi-access drawdown and can give you the advice you need to plan for your future.
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