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Effective financial planning for a brighter future

Financial advisers in  Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Whether you need some advice on pensions, are looking to plan for your retirement, or you need some guidance on investments and wealth management, we can help. Our financial advisers can give you independent, impartial, and practical advice to help you plan for your future.

Our team of financial planners (IFAs) will work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your goals. From taking early retirement and gifting money to your children to managing your investments and planning for your future care, everything we do is driven by your needs.

As fee-based IFAs we provide impartial advice on pensions, tax, annuities, investments, retirement strategies and general financial planning for clients and trustees in Hampshire, Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

We offer the dual benefits of maintaining the personal relationships now absent in many larger companies while our national networks mean that we can match or exceed the resources of big corporations.

Our approach

At Aspen Wealth Management we use a robust process which uses economic strategies that are backed by academic research and the work of Nobel Laureates. Our financial planning service is focused on designing portfolios based on the type of assets needed and then securing these through the lowest cost funds. Rather than relying on luck to get a return we focus on proven economic strategies and passive and factor-based fund management.

Longevity, Prosperity & Growth

Our company name was inspired by the Aspen Tree (Populus Tremuloides) which is known for its root system that can live for tens of thousands of years beyond the lives of the individual trees. A single root system is known to be the single largest living organism on earth by mass, supporting over six thousand tons of genetically identical trees across more than one hundred acres.

Our IFAs believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and helping them to reach and maintain their financial goals.

Financial planning that grows with you

Since 2004 we have been helping our clients with all elements of their financial planning and wealth management. We are a small independent firm and are a member of SIFA and appear in the Law Society endorsed SIFA Directory of Professional Financial Advisers. This membership underlines our commitment to work with other professional advisers for the benefit of our mutual clients.

If you are looking for financial advice that is free from marketing hype, jargon, and empty promises, our financial planners are here to help. Our independent financial advisers are committed to:

  • Putting you as a client first
  • Disclosing all relevant information
  • Maintaining independence against all outside commercial or personal influences