"A rising tide lifts all boats. It is not until the tide goes out that you realise who is swimming naked”.

– Warren Buffet

Working knowledge of financial products

At Aspen Wealth Management we use investment strategies which are backed up by extensive working knowledge of financial products, their costs, and practical results. By working with a large body of firms we can offer our clients efficient funds that are not available to the majority of consumers or other financial advisers.

A lot of financial advice centres on the sale of financial products rather than focusing on the goals of clients and their individual needs. This leads to a cynical view of bankers and investment companies that can be summed up by this 1940 work by stockbroker turned author Fred Schwed:

“Once in the dear dead days beyond recall, an out-of-town visitor was being shown the wonders of the New York financial district. When the party arrived at the Battery, one of his guides indicated some handsome ships riding at anchor.

‘Look, those are the bankers’ and brokers’ yachts.’

‘Where are all the customers’ yachts?’ asked the naive visitor.”

Tried and Tested Strategies

While there is always a certain element of uncertainty with any investment, our strategies have been proved over decades of history. We are able to demonstrate favourable and transparent comparisons with the majority of pension, life, and other investment solutions available in the UK today.

Rather than focusing on the latest investment fads, we stick with tried and tested strategies that are backed up by academic research and many years of successful results. While investment and pension funds now show their annual charge as an Ongoing Charge Figure (OCF), the true cost of investing can only be understood when you consider the full cost of ownership.

At Aspen, we take the time to understand your needs and help you pick the right financial vessel to help you meet your goals. As your circumstances change, we can tailor your investments to meet the needs of you and your family.
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